Paris Weddings

Everything You Need To Know About Paris Destination Wedding


Paris is one of the perfect destinations for couples planning to wed or elope. The remarkable monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in addition to the beautiful old world architecture in the city of love provide the most romantic environment. The fashion and exquisite culinary creations that include freshly baked macaroons complete the sophistication and uniqueness of the city. The rich history and abundance of landmarks in the city of romance is one of the reasons it has become a hot spot for celebrity couples to host their wedding in this beautiful city.


Legal Wedding Rules


It is impossible to get legally married in France if you have not been a resident there for more than 40 consecutive days. You should also provide documents such as utility bills with your name and address on them as a proof of living in France for the required period. However, this does not erase the possibility of having your dream Paris Destination Wedding. You may consider having a civil ceremony at home and then holding a symbolic ceremony in Paris.


Planning Your Wedding


Hiring a planner for your Paris wedding remains an issue of concern for most couples. Getting a Paris-based wedding planner improves the quality of the services you get and reduces the hassle of getting quality vendors and suppliers. All you need is get to Paris and enjoy your dream wedding as your planner takes care of everything. Alternatively, you can consider planning your wedding from home by locating the vendors online and communicating with them via email. You should, however, be ready with a Google translate since most vendors speak French.


Wedding Locations


You will be spoiled for choices while searching the perfect locations for your Paris Destination Wedding. You may choose to get married in front of the symbolic Eiffel Tower or the monumental Notre-Dame Cathedral. You can also consider holding your Paris Destination Wedding at St Joseph Catholic, which is the only English speaking Catholic Church in the city. Most churches are French speaking although some allow a native-speaking priest to co-officiate the ceremony.


Reception Locations


The wedding reception venues in Paris are the best in the world. You may choose to hold your dream wedding reception in a serene environment surrounded by forests and castles like the Chateau de Brou or go for a modern and exquisite look of hotels like the Hotel Plaza Athenee. The atmosphere on almost every location you get to is inviting while they offer customized services that suit your needs. Most reception venues give a choice between an indoor or outdoor area.




Paris holds few weddings during the summer period, which runs from July 15 to August 15. This means that most vendor stores may close for almost a month. You should make necessary arrangements to avoid the inconveniences that come with inadequate supplies on your wedding day. A Paris Destination Wedding will always be one of the most memorable moments in your life. Therefore, you do not want to miss anything that the City of Love has to offer.

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