Iceland Weddings

Iceland Destination Weddings

Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice, has become a popular tourist and wedding destination in the last few years with its glaciers, geothermal pools, majestic waterfalls, an active volcano, and friendly people every photo promises to be postcard perfect. With recent celebrity visitors like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Jay Z and Beyonce Iceland is fast becoming the hot travel destination for Americans.


Having your wedding in Iceland could be the perfect way to whittle down your guest list without hurting anybody’s feelings. Even though Iceland is not that far to travel, not everyone who would be able to make it to your US wedding will be able to attend a wedding in Iceland. It’s also a nifty way to combine your wedding ceremony with your honeymoon as there is so much to do in Iceland once your nuptials are over.


Iceland is not very icy. Only 11 percent of Iceland is covered with ice, and the temperature in Summer is usually between 50-55, so brides do need to think about a coat. When New York Fashion Director Mosha Lundstrom Halbert was married in Iceland on New Year’s Eve, she asked her mother, designer Linda Lundstrom to design her dress. Knowing that all Icelandic brides should also have a coat Lundstrom’s design has made waves in nuptial outerwear.

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To make your marriage legal, you need to make sure you send all marriage paperwork including your Iceland Marriage License to the National Registry Office in Reykjavik at least two weeks before your wedding date, earlier just to be on the safe side.


Because Icelandic weddings have become so popular, booking a venue for your reception, a photographer, or a church requires at least six months notice if you plan to get married during Summer. There are many wedding companies in Iceland who will make all of the arrangements for you. Make sure you don’t end up with the Icelandic delicacy of raw puffin heart on your menu!


Even if you get married in a church you will want to make use of the stunning scenery for your wedding photos so keep this in mind when packing, no sense twisting an ankle or ruining your expensive wedding shoes when you could have packed some sensible walking shoes for the photo shoot.


Different and unusual options include getting married inside a glacier and burying your wedding vows there for eternity, or on the edge of a waterfall, the mist making it feel like you are up in the clouds with the Norse Gods. An Icelandic wedding will certainly be a wedding to remember.

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