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What are Destination Weddings?

There are so many different definitions, of what is or isn’t a destination wedding. Destinationweddingmag.com defines a destination wedding as having to be more than 100 miles from the bride. That seems a little silly and arbitrary to us. We like the wikipedia and Reuters definition much better.

“Not to be confused with an elopement, a destination wedding is one in which a wedding is hosted, often in a vacation-like setting, at a location to which most of the invited guests must travel and often stay for several days. This could be a beach ceremony in the tropics, a lavish event in a metropolitan resort, or a simple ceremony at the home of a geographically distant friend or relative… ”

Some of the key aspects are that you are planning a wedding for a location where you do not live. A nice general rule of thumb is that you are taking a plane to get there, or that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to take a plane to your wedding location.

What makes Destination Weddings so great?

Imagine your absolute paradise. Is it sipping fruity drinks on the beach in Mexico? Or listening to big surf-able waves crash over the sounds of a luau in Maui, Hawaii? Maybe, you want to be secluded in the mountains of Colorado? Or in a rain forest in Costa Rica or Puerto Rico?

Wherever your personal paradise is, about the only thing that can make it better is best celebration of your life with your favorite person in the whole world.


Special Thanks

Thank you to Destination Wedding Photographers, Chris & Becca for providing the amazing images for our homepage.

Destination Wedding Photographers

This part is for the photo takers, the image makers, and the big day savers. Tired of the same venues and climate at home? Want to spice things up and find new inspiration? Being a destination wedding photographer is a perfect way to do that!

Now it probably didn’t take very long to peak your interest, there are a lot of wedding photographers that dream of having destination weddings. So we won’t spend too long trying to convince you and instead focusing on how to make that dream a reality. After getting the attention of all those destination brides and grooms you need to know how to make the most of your opportunities.

That is why we will be having articles about both getting destination weddings, and how to shoot them under any conditions.

We even have some articles and interviews with experts coming up about do’s and don’ts of travel with photography equipment. Everything you need to know about different airlines, laws, an restrictions.


All Travelers Welcome

Whether you are a bridesmaids, groomsman, maid of honor, best man, family member, or guest, there is a lot to learn to have a better, smoother destination wedding. There are lots of travel tips for everyone. Also you may want to know some of the regional customs for weddings around your destination, especially if the couple is planning on including some of those traditions into their own personal ceremony.

Solo travelers are also welcome. There is a lot of great travel information to find with or without a ceremony as the final location. Tips on travel by planes, trains, and automobiles, you might even need to take a gondola depending on where you end up.

Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways

To all those travelers at heart, the romance don’t end with the marriage, the adventures begin.

Maybe you want to plan an exciting adventure spanning the globe to kick off your new life with your partner. Or maybe you want to put up your feet and relax with some peace, quiet, and your partner. We’ve got locations and advice for no matter what you want. We’ll make sure what you think you want is what you are getting… Don’t forget about hurricane seasons or any political unrest. Don’t worry we got you with helpful information of where to go and when.

From a Paris coffee spot or an all-inclusive Caribbean getaway. Listen to our experts and you’ll be in good hands.

LGBTQ Friendly

As part of working with us at Destination Weddings Photographers all vendors and advertisers must be LGBTQ friendly, so don’t worry friends you don’t need to check. And we are always happy to feature gay weddings all around the world.